Friday, 19 April 2013


I say: “What if. Imagine. In the darkness is the beach and then the waves and then what? Anything at all.”
And you say nothing.
So I say: “Are you happy? I am. I don’t know why or how. But I don’t care.”
Then a shooting star passes over the hotel.
So I say: “Darling. Look up. Look at that. It is bringing us luck. You and me.”
And you say: “How can a rock millions of miles away bring us luck?”
So I say: “We are lucky. We need to be lucky to see one.”
And you say: “That’s cute.”
And then you say: “What if it were to fall out of the sky and crush us?”
So I say: “I’d be happy because I’d be with you.”
And you say:  “Do you ever think about how old we are getting, dear?”
And I say nothing. I just look into the darkness.
And then I say: “What would you do if a shooting star was falling out of the sky?”
And you say: “I don’t know.”
So I lean over and kiss you.

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