Thursday, 3 January 2013

Love Poem

If I were an ending
I’d want to end where you begin
And if I were a black eye
I’d want to catch on your skin
If I were a curse
I’d want to flow across your lips
And if I were fat
I’d want to hang around your hips

If I were broken glass
Then I would give you what I had
And if I were anger
I would love to make you mad

If I were a bee
Then I’d offer you my sting
And if I had nothing
Then I’d give you everything

If I’m at rock bottom
I’d be there to break your fall
And if I were silent
I’d answer when you call

If I were unhappiness
I’d be there when you cry
And if I were deceased
I would wait for you to die

And if I were to be me
Then I hope that you’d be you
And if I say “You love me”
Then you’d say “You love me too”

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